Thursday, 12 December 2019

About taking photos and videos

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About taking photos and videos About taking photos and videos About taking photos and videos

In most cases, you'll need to leave your cameras in your room.

In other words: please don't take pictures (or videos) of people without their explicit consent! You will definitely get in trouble for doing that, especially when you're wearing clothes yourself. No, this is one of the 'cardinal sins' you can commit on a naturist destination.

N.B. On the left, Tessa made some photos for our own website without any other person present ;-)

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Ik ben Bouwe de Jong en ben samen met mijn vrouw Tessa sinds 2015 de trotse eigenaar van Moulin de Chez Joyeux. U kunt mij persoonlijk bereiken via dit e-mail adres. Meer over mij lezen? Klik dan hier.

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