What is naturism?

What is naturism?

What actually is naturism?

“Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature. It defines itself by common nudity with the goal to promote self-esteem, respect for fellow human beings and respect for nature and environment.”

This sounds a little more “religious” than our experience, but it covers the meaning. Clothes are often seen as status symbol, something to distinguish yourself from others. We see clothes simply as a necessary evil, a means to keep you warm. With summer temperatures the function of clothes totally disappears.

Naturists are completely normal people from all corners of society who prefer to recreate without clothes. Naturists don’t feel the need to cover something up what is given to every human being.

Naturists have respect for each other, for themselves and for nature. Moreover, naturists campsites are as a rule often quieter and cleaner than “textile campsites”.


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