Don't forget to bring your towel!

You always (and yes, we mean ALWAYS!) need to use a towel to sit or lie on. Don't ever put your naked bottom on any kind of furniture, whether it is public or private. This unwritten law is also applicable for e.g. wooden benches in the parks. The only exception we can think of is the edge of the swimming pool, because a wet towel can be very annoying of course ;-)

Going for a walk? Always bring a towel or sarong with you just in case.

Us at Creuse Nature

In general you could say that you should act as if you were clothed. Any kind of deviant behaviour like "look at me, I'm naked!" will be noticed by other naturists immediately and will not be appreciated to say the least. We are naturists for 25 years, so we can pick out any debutant instantly, and most of the times not because of their white buttocks ;-)

Don't gaze at people

Please don't gaze at naked people and look each other in the eyes when having a conversation. It is of course very annoying to women to notice that you're looking at their breasts all the time. So here goes again: just behave as you would do if everyone would be dressed.

In most cases, you'll need to leave your cameras in your room. In other words: please don't take pictures (or videos) of people without their explicit consent! You will definitely get in trouble for doing that, especially when you're wearing clothes yourself. No, this is one of the 'cardinal sins' you can commit on a naturist destination.

N.B. Here, Tessa made some photos for this website without any other person present ;-)

About physical contact

Be very careful with physical contact when it concerns 'strangers', and try to avoid it in most cases. In other words: don't touch your new friends unless they explicitly ask for it like "could you put some sun lotion on my back please?"

Always take a shower with shower gel or shampoo (!) before you take a swim in a pool, or when you're going in a hot tub. You would not be happy to bath in other people's sweat (etc!) yourself, would you?

Be cool

Don't immediately try to make conversation with any random person you encounter. Or to put it in different words: guys, please don't go and try to socialize with all the ladies you encounter. You most probably will be found very intrusive since most naturists go on holiday to enjoy peace and quietness. And the fact that we're all naked doesn't mean that we are one big family.

About intimacy

An arm over the shoulder of your partner, a kiss or a hug, that's no problem at all, of course not! But do you want more than that? Then please go to the privacy of your own room, because nobody's interested to see you and your partner doing that, just take our word for it.

Be discrete

You never talk about your private parts and you're not supposed to make remarks or compliment anybody on parts of the body you're not able to see when somebody is clothed. It's considered to be very rude.

Naturism and sex

And last but not least: never ever confuse naturism with sex! Of course most naturists have a sexual life, just as any other person, but naturism and sex are two completely different things, end of discussion. So in case you think that naturism is linked to sex, then we strongly advise you to stay away from naturist destinations because your behaviour will be noticed by others and you will be kicked out even before you can say "Sorry, I've misunderstood".

Thanks for reading, we hope you've enjoyed it! In case you'd like to read more about naturism, please read our FAQ.


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