Naturists, people from young to old, from slim to fat, sportsmen, people in wheelchairs... a cross section of society

We asked ourselves the same thing in the beginning. Over the years we have met teachers, carpenters, artists, ex-military, plastic surgeons, doctors etc. etc. People from young to old, from slim to fat, sportsmen and people in wheelchairs, and so on and on. In other words a cross section of society.

Especially when you're a nudist, you need to rub yourself with sun lotion, or even better: find someone who'd like to do that for you :-)

Yes, but that goes for everyone! It is definitely not the case that naturists will go and lie on the beach all day, that would be very bad for your skin! But of course, the skin of a naturist is usually a lot more often exposed to sunlight, which sounds logical in itself ;-)

Tessa onder de douche

No, quite on the contrary we would say: naturists will take a shower more frequently because it's so easy to do and they don't carry germs with them in their bathing suits, yuck! In addition, nude beaches are by far the cleanest beaches you will ever encounter. It is quite rare that you'll see waste lying around like you see at so many textile beaches.

There is no need to wear any swimwear at our place, indeed, it is not allowed in our swimming pool!

For us, it's a 'classic' story, Bouwe discovered the sauna during his student days, and pretty soon he visited a naturist camp site with his ex-girlfriend. When we got in a relationship in 1992, we regularly went to the sauna together and the next summer .... yes, we went to a naturist camp site together!

In our perception, we don't think it is 'decent' to emphasize your penis or vagina with tattoos or piercings.

To be frank: we don't like them, but we don't ask our guests to remove their tattoos ;-) Piercings is a different story: we do not allow piercings in the genital areas on our terrain. Actually, we think there is no need to emphasize the genital areas. To be honest, we think it is a step in the wrong direction getting naturism and nudism more accepted.

She has no tanlines because she sunbathes completely naked. It's such a wonderful feeling!

- You'll get an all over tan!
- There is no need to bring lots of clothes with you on your holiday. Just bring clothes for the journey, or for when it's too cold.
- You will not be assessed on the value of your shoes or suits, but everyone is equal.
- The feeling of freedom is indescribable, you'll have to experience this for yourself.
- Naturist Beaches and campings are cleaner than 'textile' campsites, this is a proven fact.

Tessa is wearing a pareo around her waist, but no top. It's not common to wear tops on a nudist resort or camp site

Of course you don't have to be completely naked all the time, and certainly not here at Moulin Joyeux. But generally speaking - at most naturist sites - people will kind of expect from you that you'll prefer to go naked just like everyone else. Of course only when temperatures rise above - let's say - 20 degrees. We're naturists, we're not stupid :-)

Naturist areas: great acceptance of the appearance of the human body

Please don't worry about that! There is nowhere a greater acceptance of the appearance of the human body than at naturist areas. But we will not (and we cannot) deny that 'nice looking' people will get some more eye attention than 'ordinary' looking people, but that is no different than at the office or on the street.

I'm terrified that I'll encounter my family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances

That is easy to understand, and many people will initially feel a bit uncomfortable if suddenly someone they know passes by. But believe us when we tell you that you'll get used to this very quickly! And after a while, it's a fantastic moment to run into people you know, people from which you had never expected that they are naturists too. And believe us, you probably will! :-)

Look, I'm naked! That's not what it's about for naturists.

In the beginning, this could actually be the case, but at some point, you just forget that you're not wearing any clothing. But naturists sometimes have to wear clothes when they go shopping outside the campsite or resort, and sometimes it's just too cold to walk around naked. But if you ask an 'experienced' naturist whether he remembers if he was naked or clothed when he or she was on the terrace talking to someone, they mostly cannot remember that.

Sometimes it's wise to wear clothes, even for nudists

If a mosquito decides it wants your blood, it will look for a small piece of your bare body. As it comes to naturists, a mosquito has a big surface to choose from you'd thin. Yet naturists tend to be bitten in the arms, legs and neck too when they forget to use the insect spray. But the latter says it all: use a good product with some 'deet' in it, especially before going to sleep!

For children, there is nothing strange about the nude body

For children, there is nothing strange about the nude body, simple as that. Nowadays, you see so many little children running around naked and playing on the beach, and they don't think that is strange. It is their parents who teach them later on during their upbringing that nudity is something 'strange', something to be hidden from other people. In any case until after they are married.

What does the church say about naturism?

Well, actually, it was Eve's fault that ..... No, but seriously, it is quite possible that someone interprets the Bible that way, and we truly respect that. But we have noticed that there are many Christian naturists. We even have met pastors of churches at naturist campsites.

Tessa op de rand van het zwembad

For us it’s a matter of choosing a target audience that suits us, and in our case it is adult naturists who go on holiday without pets. So a well-considered choice. We cannot reconcile the presence of pets in our accommodations with our standards of hygiene. And the 'Only Adult' concept has its origins in our many years of our own quest for holiday destinations where it is really quiet, even in the summer months. A deep desire to spend our vacation in a place without the liveliness and bustle that (families with) children simply bring with them.


Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile device that can take beautiful high resolution pictures. And although within naturism there is an unwritten law that no pictures are to be taken of each other, unless all involved people have explicitly given permission, this is certainly a fear that can easily be imagined.

Zo'n twee en een half miljoen Nederlanders bezoeken wel eens een sauna of wellness centrum. En wist je dat een bezoek aan een naturistencamping niet zo heel anders is?

That is something that actually only comes to mind to men who have no experience with nude recreation. Believe us, this rarely happens because being naked on a naturist resort or nudist beach is in a totally non-erotic context. But OK, it can happen of course, just like it sometimes happens with your clothes on. You can solve this by briefly lying on your belly, wrapping a towel around you or taking a dip in the pool or the sea until the 'moods are settled'.

Clothing Optional

In the case that only one of you guys likes to recreate naked we can recommend to first go to the sauna together. This is a very first step, this visit of the sauna can be close to your home and if your partner doesn’t like it you can go home after an hour. In this way, let him / her experience how liberating it is to walk around without sticky swimsuits.

Waarom alleen volwassenen?

That is undoubtedly true for some people. But the majority of naturists that we know personally didn’t grown up with naturism and have 'discovered' it themselves, just like we did. On the other hand, we know many people who used to go naked on vacation with their parents or ex-partner, but don’t do this anymore. So in our experience, this proposition doesn't apply.

Nudism and eroticism, there is nothing as asexual as visiting a sauna, nudist beach or naturist resort

There are basically just as many connections to make between nudism and eroticism, as between swimwear and eroticism. You will experience that there is nothing as asexual as visiting a sauna, naturist beach or naturist resort. Anyone who has been to these places will agree on this.

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