Guest reviews

Guest reviews

Submitted on 7 September 2020: "A very quiet environment."

"Exellent for people who want spent some moments far from the madding crowd. The staff was very friendly and the service was also exellent. The water in the swimming pool was a little bit cold but the reason might be that we were there at the end of the season. Although a heated swimming pool would be an extra asset. Tips: A visit to the destroyed village "Oradour-sur-Glane" ( world war II ) will leave a deep impression"
Fam. De Paepe

Submitted on 3 September 2020: "Top!!"

"Tips: Chateau du Fraisse; guided tour by The owner!"
Fam. Van der Linden

Submitted on 31 August 2020: "very service minded"

"very nice atmosphere
very good food
very relaxing"
Fam. Broerse

Submitted on 19 August 2020: "We very much enjoyed the place and the hospitality."

"The meals were great (even a little bit too big sometimes) and the price is 'right' in our view. Holiday to us means: freedom - no obligations. In a small setting like Le Moulin (8 guests) the natural environment really provides this freedom. Breakfast would be even better if the time was not set at 9:00 but more like from 9:00-10:00, free choice of entrance. With some guests it 'clicks' and with some it doesn't - so to have two socially intimate moments a day, in a communal setting, to us was sometimes too much.
But we understand that is just the way your concept is. Again: we loved the warm care you gave to your guests!"
Fam. Maas

Submitted on 6 August 2020: "Like the other stays: very good food, pleasant company"

"nice cool room.."
Fam. Haghebaert

Submitted on 26 July 2020: "Paradise can’t be better !"

"Tips: Abbaye de St Savin ! Unbelievable beautiful 12th centenary fresco’s"
Fam. Nijsen

Submitted on 7 July 2020: "Excellent stay and superb athmosphere and food. A must"

"The host prepares a meal every evening. Superb!"
Fam. Tichelaar

Submitted on 20 August 2019: "Absolutely the best BB."

"Don’t look for local restaurants. The food ( table dhote) is super."
Fam. Vermeulen

Submitted on 19 August 2019: "Moulin de Chez Joyeux is an excellent place to relax and to get rid of all you daily worries."

"It is lovely to be pampered by Tessa and Bouwe especially during breakfast and diner.
Tip: Oradour sur Glane. Breath taking monument of world war 2."
Fam. Heemskerk

Submitted on 7 August 2019: "Great host, excellent breakfast and diner."

"We recommend to do the breakfast and diner sometimes outside." *
Fam. De Jong

* Red. ‘outside’ means on the terrace (we always eat inside)

Submitted on 10 July 2019: "The rooms, the terrain, Tessa and Bouwe and the diners.. everything is perfect."

"We love to stay there."
Fam. Van der Krogt

Submitted on 12 September 2018: "The optional dinner arrangements were really outstanding and can easily compete with a star restaurant."

"Due to the remote and peaceful location restaurants are not exactly nearby so this is a real value add. The rooms are very spacious, nice bathroom and last but certainly not least both Tessa and Bouwe are the perfect hosts."
Fam. Heuvel

Submitted on 29 August 2018: "It was an absolutely outstanding stay."

"Be yourself in an amazing area, clean and authentic rooms, delicious breakfast and dinner. Bouwe and Tessa did everything to make our short stay unforgettable. thx a lot!"
Fam. De Waele

Submitted on 22 August 2018: "I’d rather keep this place a secret."

"Just relax"
Fam. Haitsma

Submitted on 19 July 2018: "Thoroughly enjoyed our stay."

"Dinners excellent and also enjoyed the company of the other guests."
Fam. Melville

Submitted on 10 June 2018: "The kitchen food is FANTASTIC"

"The kitchen food is FANTASTIC"
Fam. Jochemus

Submitted on 2 September 2017: "Stay was unexpected pleasant, with high friendliness from staff."

"Be prepared to study some trips when you stay longer at the resort."
Fam. Mommersteeg

Submitted on 27 August 2017: "Tessa and Bouwe are such great hosts."

"2 authentic people with a desire to cater for every need."
Fam. Verhoeven

Submitted on 13 July 2017: "excellent place to stay, excellent hosting."

"oradour sur glane, ballac, poitier"
Fam. Tichelaar

Submitted on 20 June 2017: "A very pleasant stay at Moulin J. Room Capriccio was perfect."

"Bed matras very good to sleep on and a small place with couch to relax. All has been thought of to make you comfortable. The garden area is lovely with high trees and a small, fresh river runs through. Pool is clean and refreshing.
Diners are made with care by Bouwe and Tessa ends diner with a tasty dessert. Tips: During our (much too short) stay we visited the small town Montmorillon. A well worth recommodation by Tessa, with 2 beautiful églises of which you have to go up to the église Notre Dame from where you have a perfect view over the town.
Also Oradour sur Glane will be a trip to remember, try to go and experience the left behind of the Nazi madness."
Fam. Van Dorst

Submitted on 4 September 2016: "Fantastic food....."

"..... and comfortable room"
Fam. Meijer

Submitted on 4 September 2016: "Please go...."

".... you will enjoy it"
Fam. Van der Krogt

Submitted on 28 August 2016: "Beautiful location, peacefull, quiet"

"Nice accomodations, fine dinners. Staff is very helpful and understanding. Nice city's to visit, fine golfcourses within the hour to reach."
Fam. Erens

Submitted on 6 August 2016: "We are still wondering how it is possible to present such excellent service ...."

".... for such a friendly price."
Fam. Broerse

Submitted on 31 July 2016: "Very friendly hosts that try to cater for all your wishes."

"A visit to Oradour sur Glane is definitely recommended."
Fam. Verhoeven

Submitted on 9 July 2016: "Bouwe and Tessa are the perfect hosts."

"Nothing is too much trouble, if you want it then just ask, they will do anything and every thing to make your stay memorable. The main joy of staying at Moulin de Chez Joyeux is it's location. Total seclusion, peace and tranquillity. Surrounded by stunning countryside with wonderful walks in the area."
Mr. Vyse

Submitted on 12 June 2016: "A must see for all naturists....."

"A must see for all naturists....."
Fam. Kladler

Submitted on 6 June 2016: "Nice and cosy B&B."

"Very nice family to stay with. Meals are also really good. Entourages a night rating fish and chips in an English pub in Thiat. Must see: Oradour sur Glane and Poitiers."
Fam. Schraven



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