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The end of our first season is nearing

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

And ... a new website for Moulin de chez Joyeux

Welcome to this new website for our bed and breakfast "Moulin de chez Joyeux." Here you can find all kinds of information about our chambres d'hôtes in the Haute Vienne and we will regularly share stories and updates about our beautiful location.

Over the past few months, we've been working hard, seven days a week, with great pleasure, to welcome guests at Moulin de chez Joyeux. From preparing breakfast in the morning to cleaning up the kitchen after enjoyable evenings, our days have been filled. In between, we've been maintaining the pool and the garden, ensuring smooth room transitions, managing administrative tasks, grocery shopping, cooking, and all the other tasks that come along. And now, for a few more weeks, we'll have a bit of a quieter period with a few guests before we close for a couple of weeks in mid-September.

Herman closes the windows to keep the coolness inside on one of the warm August days,

This first season has been so enjoyable, and we've had the pleasure of hosting many lovely and enthusiastic guests. Perhaps we've never received so many compliments in our lives. These months have really been special for us. The weather has been mostly great, and even when it wasn't, the guests remained cheerful. Some would say, "At least you get to explore the surrounding region then." But the best part was when we saw our guests truly relaxing on the property. They said they experienced it as a paradise where we all enjoyed being in a bubble of togetherness.

There were a lot of nice evenings around the dining table; initially, we mostly dined indoors, and in the recent weeks, we moved outside due to the beautiful summer evenings. Because of course, what's more beautiful than dining under the clear starlit sky? Naturally, conversations would linger, becoming more profound or filled with laughter. Thanks to everyone who have made these months so extraordinary.

Plans for the upcoming period

After our short vacation in September, we'll be open again! We've decided to stay open year-round, except for when we're on holiday or busy with other activities, of course. During the summer months, from June to September, we're open for naturists only, and outside of that period, it depends on our guests. So, those guests who are not naturists but still want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings here can book outside of the season, unless we already have naturist bookings. We like to be flexible, so let's see how that works out.

Furthermore, we've ordered a wood-fired sauna and a hot tub. These will be installed in the coming months, providing us with extra facilities to make the colder seasons more appealing. Even during the summer months, having a spa on the premises is a wonderful addition. We'll keep you updated!


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