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  • Adults Only and naturism, tell me more!
    'No clothes' and 'no children' is sometimes confusing for some people, but you you can rest assured: this is NO place for swingers!
  • How many rooms do you have for rent?
    We have 4 accommodations: Arabella, Barcarolle, Capriccio and Divertimento, named after pieces of the German composer Richard Strauss (not related to the famous Strauss waltz family btw.).
  • How are the beds? I want to sleep well!
    We have recent mattresses and they all are 2.00 x 1.60 meters.
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?
    Yes, we have an ADSL connection of about 16 Megabit (= 2 MB per second) which obviously needs to be shared with all guests. The use of our Wi-Fi is unlimited and free of charge.
  • Do the rooms have air conditioning?
    There is no air conditioning in the rooms, but we can assure you you'll not going to need one because of the thickness of the walls. However, the bedroom of Arabella is right below the roof, so if there is a heatwave it might get warm. We do have a portable airco for that room.
  • Do the rooms have a kitchen?
    No, the rooms don't have a kitchen, but you can join us for a 4-course dinner every day! However, there is a fridge where you can keep your lunch ingredients in the entrance hall of the miller's buildings and you can make use of the microwave there.
  • Can we go camping at your place? Do you have camping pitches?
    No, unfortunately that is not possible because we do not have a camping permit
  • Can you tell us something about the river on your property?
    The river on our site is called La Brame and flows about 550 meters over and along our site. The Brame is about 60 km long and finds its way through the departments of Creuse and Haute-Vienne.
  • What kind of pool do you have?
    We have a swimming pool of 10 x 5,5 meters on a chlorine base.
  • How about parking?
    There is enough space for al of our guests' cars, and there is no need to reserve a spot. And, of course, it's free!
  • Why only for adults?
    For us, it was a matter of choosing a target audience that fits our way of life. In our case, we chose to welcome adults who wish to spend their holidays without the presence of children. Beyond that, it is also a matter of safety: the steep slopes and the - sometimes wild - flowing river with large boulders might be unsafe for children.
  • I don't have much experience yet, is that a problem?
    Believe it or not, but 50% of our guests are 'newbies' or 'first-timers'! Mainly because of the small-scaled setting of our B&B (we never have more than 8 guests) is inviting for many people to try a naturist/nudist holiday at our place. If you're really new to nuderecreation, and you have never visited a sauna, spa or nude beach, we advice you to try that before you book a room here. Just to make sure if nude recreation is really your 'thing'.
  • Why can't I bring my pets?
    As far as whether or not to allow pets - especially dogs - the choice was quite simple as far as we were concerned: we have two cats and they probably would not be too happy with other pets in their territory.. In addition, many people are allergic to cat and dog hair. Still others simply don't like the presence and "sniffing" of dogs.
  • Can we be naked anywhere and all day?
    We get that question a lot and the answer is: yes! It's just that we don't heat the place up if it's a bit chilly. On the other hand, we have experienced that most of our guests like to dress for dinner and breakfast. So, that is what is usually done. A question about this? Just mail us.
  • Do we have to be naked all the time, even during dinner?
    No, of course not! Our experience is that we all have a different 'strip' temperature, so if you're chilly, just put something on. But if you like, you may join us for dinner naked, as long as you sit on a towel! On the other hand, most guests like to be dressed for dinner. But it's up to you. The only place where clothes or swimwear are not allowed is in the swimming pool.
  • Do I have to be a member of a naturist organization?
    No, this is not necessary.
  • Is you B&B suitable for people in a wheel chair?
    The miller's buildings are dated from late 1700, early 1800. To enter the buildings there are some very old granite steps which are impossible to take with a wheel chair. Besides that, our terrain is unequal, rocky and hilly, so we think Moulin Joyeux is not the place for you if you're totally dependent on a wheel chair.
  • How about my privacy?
    Don't worry, your little 'secret' is safe with us! 😉 But seriously, we NEVER talk to our guests about who has been here. We have a rule not to take photos of each other so you'll be OK here. Do you have any other questions about your privacy? Please mail us!
  • Is your terrain entirely private?
    Our whole terrain is private, fenced and there are no public accessible paths.
  • Do I have to make a reservation first?
    Yes, we only receive people who filled out the reservation form.
  • Why is there a minimum stay?
    To be honest, we don't get that question a lot, but we think it's a shame to leave this wonderful place after one or two days, so we basically keep a minimum of 2 days.
  • Can I book my stay through a booking site?
    People sometimes ask us if they can book us via AirB&B,,,,, en We are on some of these, but we'd rather get directly in contact with our future guests.
  • How many times per week do you prepare dinner for your guests?
    Every evening, so 7 nights a week, you can join us for our 4-course dinner. We charge € 25,- p.p. Drinks are not included. We do maintain a minimum of at least two couples, otherwise it is not feasible for us.
  • What can I do if I want a nice hot or cold drink?
    We have an electric kettle on each room to make your free instant coffee or tea. We also have a Dolce Gusto machine to make your own café lungo, espresso or cappuccino. For your cold drinks we have an 'Honesty Bar' with soft drinks, various kinds of beers, wines and 'bubbles'.
  • What can I expect for breakfast?
    Our breakfast is served at 9:00h and consists of: different kinds of fresh (mostly self) baked bread, a croissant or pain au chocolat, egg, fruit, jus d'orange, milk, yogurt, muesli, coffee or tea, various kinds of jam, honey, cheese and sliced cold meat.
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