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Table d'hôtes

Every evening you can join us for a sumptuous meal (table d'hôtes). We usually do maintain a minimum number of 'participants', at least 2 couples, otherwise it is not really feasible for us. The 4-course dinner consists of a starter, main course, cheese platter and dessert or an amuse bouche, starter, main course and dessert. In both cases, we serve coffee or tea to conclude. Dinner does not include drinks. But you can order a matching wine, (home-brewed) beer or soft drink with your dinner.

If you have special wishes, for example because you are a vegetarian or if there are certain dishes / ingredients you may or don't want to eat because of an allergy or diet, please let us know beforehand and we'll bear that in mind.

Of course we prepare all dishes with fresh ingredients as much as possible, but we think that speaks for itself.

We start the table d'hôtes at 19:00h.

The price for this extensive dinner is € 25,- per person.

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