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Off to a flying start of 2024

It's already February 2024, high time for a new blog. It's a bit late for New year's wishes, but we'll do it anyway: we wish for a peaceful year for everyone. In our beautiful bubble, it seems easy, but unfortunately, it's very different in many places around the world.

The holidays are behind us with enjoyable family visits, and the year has started off well here at Moulin de Chez Joyeux. We've had some cold days, and the pool was frozen over several times, but it's now above 10 degrees during the day. Especially with a bit of sunshine, it's delightful. And that is really nice if you like being outside, although it's still a bit chilly to undress. At least for us, as we are fair-weather naturists. However, when we enjoy the sauna and hot tub, either alone or with guests, it feels wonderful to stroll around the garden in the nude. Some even swim back and forth in the cold pool. And Herman even goes in all the way when there is ice, but that is too cold for Johannetta.

Time flies, and what are we up to these days? Herman mostly worked with Dean on finishing the pergola and the terrace at the pool. It's almost done, just a few small tasks left, and we already started the painting and oiling of the wood. And the pool cover has already been delivered. What a luxury, just turn the key, and the cover closes. The solar lamellas also ensure that the pool will be a few degrees warmer.

Herman is also busy with various other tasks in and around the house. Every day will find him splitting wood for the fireplace, sauna, and hot tub. He enjoys working in the garden, preparing it for the upcoming spring. In his 'free time,' he is cutting shrubs and mostly blackberry bushes to create a walking path up the hill and to the end of the property on our side of the river. Last year, we started a path on the other side of the river, but we can't finish it yet unless we take the boat. So, for now, we're using deer paths on our side to create beautiful views from above.

Even though the sun beckons when it shines, Johannetta is still quite busy in the house on the computer and in the kitchen. It's fun to try out new recipes for the upcoming season. Actually, even for this season because we already have winter guests who need to be in the area for work. The miller's house was very cold, so we had to heat it up significantly to warm the walls, but fortunately, the outdoor temperatures also went up. So, the gentlemen are satisfied, both with the ambiance and the meals.

There was a nice prospect of getting fibre internet. However, yesterday's rendezvous with the friendly Orange technician revealed that he couldn't install it yet. The reason: a tree had fallen on our road, damaging the new cable. It's unfortunate, and it will likely take a few more weeks, but it's coming, so we can't complain. Johannetta can do her work, which often involves video calls, and we can watch the news or stream a movie or series on Netflix, just not all at once. But luckily, that's not necessary.

All in all, we're still enjoying ourselves every day. Time flies, and in a few months, it will truly be spring. Then the first naturist guests will arrive. We have no complaints about bookings for the upcoming season. There's even a week fully booked already! The plan is to go on a real vacation somewhere in October or November, and until then, we'll continue to enjoy our surroundings here and hosting old and new guests. We're looking forward to it.


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